Hailey Wedding Day, California
California-based Hailey Marchesano commissioned Racool Studio to shoot her wedding day. Her wedding took place in a bohemian style, following American customs. We present to you the shots of this beautiful day.
Hailey Wedding Day, California
Hailey Marchesano
1 weeks
Hailey Marchesano

Capturing the Essence of Bohemian Love

Our challenge in this project was to document the wedding day of Hailey Marchesano, a California-based bride, who celebrated her special day in a bohemian style, embracing the rich tapestry of American wedding customs.

Our mission was to capture the essence of her love story and the unique charm of this bohemian wedding.


Telling a Bohemian Love Story

Our goal was to narrate the love story of Hailey Marchesano through our lens. We aimed to document the bohemian wedding with authenticity, showcasing the couple's connection, the vibrant atmosphere, and the intricate details that made this day extraordinary.

We strived to create a visual story that would resonate with the couple and their loved ones for years to come.


Bohemian Magic Preserved

The result was a collection of photographs that encapsulated the magic of Hailey Marchesano's bohemian-style wedding. Each image radiated authenticity and love, capturing the essence of the day.

From candid moments to carefully curated shots, our photos now stand as a timeless testament to the unique beauty of this wedding celebration.


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